27 January 2006

sol seppy - "slo fuzz" (from the bells of 1 2 lp, album available in february 2006; visit the artist's site here.)

sol seppy is the nom de rock of a new york-based, australian-raised cellist and sparklehorse collaborator and the bells of 1 2 is her debut record. just as you're thinking "sol seppy?" you find her real name is sophie michalitsianos, and then you realize sol seppy just rolls off the tongue.

... just as "slo fuzz" clings to the ear. titles rarely come more accurate and, in these days of truthiness, it's refreshing. equally refreshing is the my bloody valentine influence--but not the mbv you'd expect. "slo fuzz," and much of her album, seem to take a cue from the mbv of ecstasy & wine and before. the vocals--breathy, coy, sensual--are pushed to the fore, and in the back, as if from a distance, one only hears a whisper of the buzz and roar to come. one hopes buzz is also in sol seppy's future--zane lowe of radio 1 has named her debut 7" single of the week--and that, unlike ecstasy & wine, it's not years before she's discovered.

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