03 January 2006

the fields - "song for the fields" (from the song for the fields single, more info at the band's myspace site.)

the fields, i read, are one of the most hotly-tipped bands for 2006. if this is indeed the case, then 2006 will take up where 2005 left off (!) and continue to be in deep smit w/ the shoegaze sound. (what is this shoegaz i mention so frequently? a good introduction is feedback to the future, a title which never seemed so prescient as it does now.)

there are a handful of slowdives and rides marking the scene but, apart from serena maneesh, nary an mbv in sight. the fields's press clippings promise to remedy this, but it's not on display on "song for the fields" at least. oh, but let not your heart be troubled! "song for the fields" has a strong chorale influence, like ride at their best; guitars that buzz like michael karoli's; and more than a passing resemblance to classic uk freakbeat like the factory. promising stuff, then. but kevin shields fans--continue to hold your breath ... or listen to his go! team remix!

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