12 January 2006

richard ashcroft - "words just get in the way" (from the keys to the world lp, import available for preorder here.)

not since evan dando sang about being bad w/ names have truer words been sung by a rock singer. skilled w/ words? not really. good at sloganeering? yes, see "bittersweet symphony," "the drugs don't work," "history," "this is music," "see you in the next one (have a good time)," and so forth. another thing that gets in the way : verses. "words just get in the way" is nearly 2/3 chorus. me, i'm not one to complain about a meal that's 66% dessert, esp. when the chef is someone like mad richard, working here on urban hymns form. "words" is loping, string-soaked, singalong goodness. i've made the neil diamond comparison before, and, boy, does it ring true, but another comparison is prince, an artist out of step w/ the mainstream, who recently made a comeback on seemingly nothing but goodwill from a nostalgic public and massive respect from his fellow musicians. as w/ musicology, one might complain that the fare isn't as substantial or nutritive as past offerings, but it's quality ashcroft and it fills a gaunt, sallow void, esp. when you feel as if nobody's singing to you now.

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michael said...

yeah, I like it, although I have a bias for britpop. Ashcroft/the Verve/Oasis, whatever, it sounds great and I like it.