10 January 2006

devics - "if we cannot see" (from the push the heart lp, album to be released in february on filter us recordings, official band website here.)

the devics are a los angeles duo currently based in italy. sensibly, the girl usually sings, but on "if we cannot see" the guy takes the mic unaided, for the first verse at least. he sounds like tom waits, five years before closing time; she sounds like, well, a lot of people, specifically girls w/ more breath than voice in their singing--a good pairing, in other words. the song features rolling piano and chiming guitar and is a bit c*ldpl*y, but more like the c*ldpl*y of "warning sign" : exhausted, barefaced honest, restrained (relatively speaking). "if we cannot see" is the kind of song perfect for the end of a film in which the male and female lead race around looking for love, only to realize that it was right in front of them the whole time. or! a film in which the male lead is gone for a long time and returns home, and he's tired and no questions are asked, only silent relief is expressed. cinematic and anthemic, then, w/ only a mild aftertaste of c*ldpl*y.

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