25 January 2006

hot chip - "over and over" (from the over and over single, available for purchase here.)

hot chip are the kind of band that speak in code; and so when they say "laid back," you know they mean the band that sang "white horse," and when they say "joy in repetition," it's a reference to prince. indeed, hot chip, w/ an ep under their belt called down w/ prince, sound like a more muscular prince w/ dfa on production. it's probably everything the press had you believing har mar superstar was.

the bridge of the song--which sounds like pacman gobbling pellets, another point of reference--has a voice spitting out letters, like a human speak & spell. it goes :
for clairity and precision, it's right up there w/ "dance music sex romance" as a statement of purpose--though i've no clue what a "boke" is--and just about all you need to know about the band.


Anonymous said...

searched for 'casio boke' and found your blog.. i still don't get those hot chip lyrics.
found this for boke: Boke (or Bokeh if you prefer), is the Japanese-originated concept of the difference between out of focus areas of an image due to lens design.

x dutchgirl

Anonymous said...

casio is a japanese electronic devices manufacturing company (such as digital camaras)... now use your imagination ;)