05 January 2006

the early years - "all ones and zeros" (from the all ones and zeros single, digital single available for preorder here.)

has another band ever used peter hook's bass sound? besides new order and monaco, i mean. there's practically a cottage industry in the edge's guitar tone, but hooky seems neglected. the early years, another hot band for 2006, recently signed by beggars banquet, have noticed this and are getting in on the ground floor.

it's noisy and hypnotic, a bit motorik--so, neu! order, then. oh, and it's all v. promising, so promising that it finished at number six on 2005's festive 50 broadcast, from which after some crafty editing this was ripped (despite the fact that the single isn't released until january 16! that peel--cutting edge from beyond the grave!). i know some of you have grumbled for more sugababes or girls aloud. well, how about this : hooky brought his patented sound to the gwen stefani album--two degrees of separation! one, at least, hopes it's a patented sound; if that's the case, hooky stands to prosper from this new act. in fact, all sensible fans of music do.

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