23 January 2006

richard thompson - "i feel so good" (from the action packed : the best of the capitol years lp, available for purchase here.)

b/c i do.

what? more? v. well.

this track, my favorite of richard's solo work, features three things you might never have expected from him : 1) richard singing lines about half-naked women jamming their tongues down his throat 2) richard singing in falsetto 3) richard, well, feeling good. it, of course, has the stinging guitar work you look to him for, and lyrical bite for that matter. the refrain goes, "i feel so good i'm gonna break somebody's heart tonight." which is an odd sentiment--but perhaps one we've all felt at some point. it's not often that i have recourse to the south park movie-- though in a perfect world it would be--but big gay al expresses it well in his big production number. (4) parallels being drawn between richard thompson and big gay al.) "i'm so sorry, mr. cripple," he sings, "but i just can't feel too bad for you right now"--something that the socially conscious amongst us, and i know there must be a few of you, may not be comfortable voicing themselves. but this is exactly why we have big gay al ... and richard thompson, of course.

so, me? i'm super. thanks for asking!

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Anonymous said...

Never thought of Big Gay Al while listening to this song, but I guess I will now... I only had this great track on a cassette of Rumor & Sigh, so thanks for posting it! -- jonhope