22 November 2005

so, um, painfullyawkward.com is a pretty popular site, huh?

well, i've reupped the mp3 you're looking for, levy's "on the dance floor"; i've got some others here. enjoy!

levy - "on the dance floor" (from the rotten love lp, available for purchase here.)

i don't know much about levy, other than that they're a new york-based band led by james levy; based on "on the dance floor," though, i certainly would like to know more, and hope that fate will be so kind as to make that unavoidable.

there's no way that the opening chords to this song could have been composed in waking life--indeed, this is the stuff of a shoegazer's wet dream (think catherine wheel or ride). i could quite happily listen to the opening on repeat for quite some time, only then i'd miss out on what else the song has on offer. levy himself sounds somewhat like the younger ian brown, only w/ a bellow. he sings: "she said, 'i will take you home if you want to,' but i got scared, didn't say yes, she went home with another boy instead." it's like an expansion of the bridge to "how soon is now?", w/ the suggestion that perhaps one leaves the club on their own for other reasons besides a lack of takers. certainly, w/ a song this striking, it should only be a matter of time before levy's dance card is full.


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it isn't painfully awkward that sent all the traffic - the video got linked by curbed and central village and a handful of other pages. the band is really talented and playing friday night at fat baby in manhattan.