01 November 2005

arab strap - "dream sequence" (from the last romance lp, import available for purchase here.)

in brief : not coldplay.

... though the opening piano melody would make you think it was. i don't think i've ever said this about an arab strap record before, but chris martin would happily embrace such a tune, if only it weren't in a minor key, and the production so dirty.

yes, don't despair, strap fans--or, rather, do! aidan and malcom still work in minor keys, and the production is not all that's dirty. basically, aidan dreams that his girl's a slut; he also wants her to share w/ him all of her past sexual experiences to get him off. an odd request coming from guys who in the past have come across like dante in clerks, unable to handle the number of cocks their girls have sucked.

if such frank language offends, clearly the strap is not for you--or, the sexist would maintain, it's just what you need. (a generalization: aidan and malcolm make music for guys who can't get coldplay-lovin' gals into bed.) that said, it's as lovely a track as it can be, hazy guitars supplying it the air of a nocturne. it's almost optimistic, aidan asking himself what he did to deserve such a woman--if only he didn't seem so determined to fuck it up.

almost optimistic, then.

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