07 November 2005

fairport convention - "i'll keep it with mine" (from the meet on the ledge : the classic years (1967-1975) lp, available for purchase here.)
pentangle - "once i had a sweetheart" (from the basket of light lp, available for purchase here.)

i'm watching the colts-pats--or, more to the point, i'm not watching halftime. so i have v. little time to say anything about these two records. quick and to the point, then.

fairport : probably the best dylan cover ever. i've never heard his original--or i did and it left no impression. can't imagine how he'd do it after hearing this, unless it was in a big newport folk circle, like "with God on our side." this version by fairport strengthens the sense of community in the face of impending doom best heard on "meet on the ledge." w/ sandy denny on one's side, though, it's hard to think that anyone could get the best of you. (but who was on her side?) she lifts this, and when she sings, "come on, give it to me," you'll likely give her whatever she asks for, or steal her anything she sees.

pentangle : after fairport, probably the best of the british folk bands (though steeleye span might have something to say about that). not a thing i would change about this record--well, all right, since you asked. yes, it reeks of pot smoke, but it was the late 60's, and not even the folkies were safe. especially the folkies. jacqui mcshee is the hero of this folktale, lady and conqueror all in one.


g58 said...

I've been listening to Fairport's What We Did On Our Holidays and Unhalfbricking as my introduction to the band/Denny. "I'll Keep It With Mine" is a standout track to me too. It does have a Dylan-esque thing about it, although like you I am waiting to hear the original. But what the Pats-Colts game kept you from saying is how it fits into the Denny canon. I see that it is one of the few songs of this period that she puts on her own anthology. Any insight? Is solo Denny as good as those Fairport releases? And did your team win the game?

fred said...

the pats lost, so, in a manner of speaking, my team won.

"i'll keep it with mine" represents denny singing voice at its peak, but her own voice still dormant.

solo denny is as good as some of those fairport albums. 'sandy,' her debut, is i reckon as good as *any* of those albums, just as long as you're not into fairport for the virtuosity. comps are good b/c they cherrypick; the one i've posted on the right contains the solo stuff, plus some fairport, and some fotheringay (heard in this context, the fotheringay album almost sounds as good as any fairport album--which just isn't so.)

now, if only there was a reasonably priced comp that included her work w/ the strawbs ...