09 November 2005

h.p. lovecraft - "i've been wrong before" (from the two classic albums from h.p. lovecraft lp, available for purchase here.)

in brief : an ill wind is about to blow your way ...

yeah, it's still the 60's. but it's dropping down to the 50's in these parts, and that's at the dead of noon too.

h.p. lovecraft's take on "i've been wrong before," though, is music from the dead of night. if you're familiar w/ the song, it may be from dusty springfield's interpretation (if you only know the lovecraft version, what a funny fellow you are). that production features an icy piano line and some icer still strings: it's deep winter music, cold like the half of the bed that used to be warmed by another. lovecraft is another kind of thing altogether, the heart of autumn right before it stops beating. woodwinds and group harmonies, it's kinda like the airplane, but, as the band name might suggest, creepier.

whereas dusty seems to sing in the first person, the guys in lovecraft sound like a greek chorus: disinterested, direct, and powerless to stop it. unlike the springfield take, it doesn't look like i've been wrong before so much as you have. it's a taunt from a nightmare that carries over into waking life, leaving you unsettled and unsure of yourself, w/ only the vaguest sense that it all wasn't just a dream.

good night, folks.

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