07 November 2005

cut copy - "going nowhere" (from the bright like neon love lp, available for purchase here.)

in brief : cut or copy, either way, and then paste this onto daft punk's discovery, side one, and call it "neon love."

with their debut just reissued for the third time in seventeen months, australia's cut copy have followed the similar circuitous path as the crimea and the earlies. "future" was one of the best singles of the summer, w/ synths that pummeled like humidity and airy spans as refreshing as a water hydrant.

"going nowhere" sounds almost--almost!--as if it could've fit seamlessly into the brilliant opening triptych of daft punk's discovery, which is about the highest praise i could give to record made this decade. instead, it's merely a record you wish had had the daft punk name attached to it, rather than that farce of a album they foisted upon us. (i insist it is a farce! i insist that they foisted! human after all is their metal machine music and i will go to my grave believing this.) instead of a summer record, "going nowhere" is a song that should help you make the transition into fall--its "colors," to this synesthete, blaze like foliage--especially if it's as unexpectedly warm where you are as it is here.

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