04 November 2005

giant drag - "kevin is gay" (from the hearts and unicorns lp, available for purchase here.)

in brief : i thought kevin was seeing bilinda?

don't let the sub-bloodhound gang title fool you: this is the nearest i've heard to an my bloody valentine riff since the first joy zipper's american whip. you know the type, one of those tones that seem to bend in half, as if snapped over your knee.

other than that, unlike an mbv song, there's not a whole hell of a lot going on; i kept waiting for the riff return, willing to put up w/ just about anything, and only the end of the song seems to threaten to sink to the level of the title and band name, but you don't have to listen to the song beyond its end, now do you? (think about that.) singer annie hardy sounds pretty damn self-involved--and like a west coast karen o.--but she's also damn pretty, so she can get away w/ a lot, particularly if guitarist continues to come up w/ riffs like these.

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