30 November 2005

blueboy - "sea horses" (from the if wishes were horses lp, available???)

in brief : i hope you all won't hate me for posting a song so defiantly springtime, esp. when there are so many other reasons to hate me, like abbreviating "especially." to make amends, i include a mortifying story of personal romantic heartbreak.

this is blueboy. dollars to donuts, they're named after the orange juice song. i mentioned them last night in connection w/ harvey williams. no, this blog isn't turning into six degrees of harvey williams, but the scene is so incestuous, and its sound insidious, that when i put one twee record on, the concatenation begins, the dominoes fall, and soon i'm listening to the sea urchins. (a question : does anyone know if there's a box of this stuff? i feel as if i'm only scratching the surface.)

a couple of years ago, i made a twee mix for a girl i liked and this was on it. i know i wrote liners, but i can't remember what i said about this song. so much of it defies description; if pressed, i'd say it makes me, a grown man, want to skip; it makes me hope for rain, so i could go through the motions of running outside w/ an open umbrella, only to close it and embrace the rain. i'd want someone to see me doing these things, which hints at the performative aspect of the music, or at least to my connection w/ it.

after a nice dinner, and a subsequent retreat to a coffeehouse to extend the night, it also made me want to play footsie w/ this girl. i was under the influence of her charm ... and sake. have i ever mentioned here that i don't drink? well, there it is--and there she went. and so i'm firmer now in my decision, and wish that i had stuck to it that night. even now, i'm known to sigh when i see the name of the publisher she worked for on the spine of a book. twee songs--no, twee bands, whole subgenres, have formed from lesser disappointments.

"sea horses" is not, however, a record of disappointment--indeed, it is an inspiring, pulse-quickening record! it will make you want to have your heart broken! it's not too late!

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