31 July 2006

charlotte gainsbourg - "the songs that we sing" (from the 5:55 lp, released september 4, import available for preorder here.)

this is the song that i've been singing most often, enough to make me want to post early monday a.m.

whenever "luminaries" get involved w/ projects for female stars, one fears two scenarios. one : the nancy sinatra, in which famous boys help out b/c they would really like to have known / had feelings of bi-curiosity inpsired by her father. two : the marianne faithfull, in which famous boys b/c really would like to have known / had feelings of intense desire inspired by her younger self.

so, enter charlotte gainsbourg & w/ her, just on this single, air, jarvis cocker, neil hannon & david campbell (who is probably as weary of the appositive "beck's father" as charlotte is of "serge's daughter.")

worries scatter like falling leaves w/ the first chime of the track. "the songs that we sing" is the first song i've heard this year that reminds me that fall is on its way, a not altogether unhappy prospect, w/ it so many things of promise for me ... & for you too, i hope. a september release for this album is perfectly apposite. unlike either nancy or marianne, charlotte's not quite ready for the september of her years & this single--the album, too, i hope--is sure proof. essential.

(i feel like the nme having closed a review that way!)

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