24 July 2006

right, since i can't get it out of my head,

gene vincent - "cat man"
(from the gene vincent & his blue caps lp, available for purchase here.)
"c" is for the crazy hairdo that he wears around.
"a" is for the arms that he'll sneak around your waist.
"t" is for the taste of the lips belong to you.

cat man.

listening to 50s rock & roll, not only does it seem like they got to all the best ideas first, one also wonders how anyone who followed had the nerve to pick up a guitar. in homage, maybe, w/ bent knee, to keep the hoodoo that runs through songs like "cat man" alive. (see, for instance, the birthday party's cover on hee-haw.)

this is a fucking beast of a record. it all could have gone silly & kitschy so easily--shouts of "CAT MAN!!" at the top of one's lungs & all--but sweet gene wouldn't allow that. "tiger man" has a better name, but cat man's got his girl.

yours, too.

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