01 August 2006

wah! - "heart as big as liverpool" (from the songs of strength & heartbreak lp, out of print.)

"heart as big as my hometown," pete wylie sings. his hometown, as you might've guessed, is liverpool; my hometown is here in northern new jersey, about 1/30th the size of liverpool. if you've got five minutes, i can show you everything worth seeing.

oh, but listening to this song, my heart just swells & swells! i want to find old ladies & help them cross the street, even if this means stirring them from the slumber; i want to call up everyone i've ever known & tell them everything is going to be just all right. & if you're not in your hometown, tonight, ah, i bet it's never seemed dearer ...

this must be what bono feels like all the time, except when he's drunk, at which times he's even more sentimental. it's like george bailey running through bedford falls shouting "merry christmas!" that is, it's sung by a man in pete wylie who lost his money & nearly lost his life & he's found reason to celebrate nevertheless.

so what's so sad about you?

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