18 July 2006

so let me tell you.

my friend, who is so much of a presence here (& elsewhere)--well, she finally ditched that undeserving boyfriend; and jesus christ, will he regret this. she said to him basically that, pace iggy pop, she no longer wanted to be his dog. she did it; and she did it for herself; and overhead in the near distance one hears the sound of first flight & a hard-won song of joy.

i started a new job today. i'm interviewing for an adjunct position at a local university this week, hopefully.

my life of late has been a series of opportunities for me to put my foot in it, all of which i've seized w/ alacrity. the other day, at a party for my cousins, i was ready to put something else entirely in it, i.e. my backside right into a piece of ice cream cake.

but then something happened. right before the point of no return, my sister called out to me and mundane misfortune was for once averted. in other words, i feel like things are starting to go my way.

... & then, disaster struck, power surged to an inordinate degree through my computer & my motherboard was fried, as was my hard drive. even so, my hard drive was salvaged, my luck not having abandoned me entirely. (however : w/ the amount of money i've spent on this computer in the last six months, i probably could've purchased two dells.) thus, no posting.

but, tonight!

the young knives - "loughborough suicide" (from the voices of animals & men cd, released august 21, import available for preorder here.)

the young knives are a band that have been getting a lot of pub, who are liked by many sensible people, but also a band that i've felt nothing for until now. (cf. the mystery jets.) however, "lougborough suicide" is just about the song i've listened to most in the past week. it's like the buggles crossed w/ the wire of 154; bear in mind, too, that the album takes its name after an adam ant lyric. it's damn triumphant! like a young paul weller emerging from a pile of dead bodies, victims of the class war, and singing "i will survive!"

the chorus goes, "I WILL NEVER! GO DOWN! FIGHTING!"

and of a sudden, it all changes. the clarity of the vocal, not to mention the exclamation points, fooled me into thinking that this is something other than it is. instead of a rallying cry, it's the greatest paean to suburban ennui since the future bible heroes' "lonely days." it's a song, i think, for people who want to shout & proclaim, but who are more familiar w/ its tune than w/ its words. i do not know of what i wish to sing, but i feel as if there is at last reason to lift one's voice & join w/ another's, if only to declare that we won't get fooled again.

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Anonymous said...

Great song, and great to have you back.