03 July 2006

belle & sebastian - "i'm waking up to us" (from the push barman to open old wounds lp, available for purchase here.)

"i'm waking up to us," despite the trumpets on their earlier singles, is the belle & sebastian song that most resembles love, right down to stuart's stilted line delivery, recalling arthur lee at his most precious. this is ironic b/c it is also the belle & sebastian song that is most like the love that a friend of mine finds herself in.

but i fear it's neither too lovelike nor lifelike; it's a song i've really wished i had a reason to post. i may be flattering both myself and her to think that any of the words in this song are ones she could sing. every now & then, it seems close, i see a twitch, a stretch, an eye half-open. so far, though, i don't know that i can say she's woken up; i fear she might've decided to remain in bed, to remain benighted.

maybe, though, she takes her waking slow? regardless, she'll find someone at her bedside when she does--and i think she knows who it'll be.

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