07 June 2006

polytechnic - "won't you come around" (from the won't you come around 7", import available for purchase here.)

apart from being another success for the folks at transgressive, polytechnic's "won't you come around" is also one of the year's dance records.

when i say "dance," i don't necessarily mean anything having to do w/ its sound. instead, "won't you come around" inspires in me the desire to dance w/ somebody. not b/c of the interlocking of the drums & bass, or the words "talking," "heads," or "gang" appearing in the press material, or a rhythm guitar that suggests the label played the band a chic record or two; not b/c, then, one feels as if one ought to dance, scanning the floor, everyone else dancing, and looking in the eyes of your partner & just shrugging, "what else can we do?"

and it doesn't make you want to do the sprinkler or the white man's overbite or anything ironic--and it doesn't require heavy intoxication. it's as simple as this : you hear the song, you see a girl, you take her by the hand, and you spin her around the floor, dancing to the night's end, dancing even if you're the only ones on the floor.

genuine, then? genuine sounds about right.

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