11 June 2006

lambchop - "i would have waited here all day" (from the damaged lp, released august 22, visit their official site here.)

i really had no intentions of posting today. but then i heard kurt wagner close out this song, and there's no one better, i've decided, at delivering this kind of lyric (see also : "my blue wave"). "my favorite hour of any day," he sings, "is the one before you get home," and i think about that one for a moment--and, yeah, when meeting x, i cherished that time, the anticipation, knowing that once i said, "hello," it wouldn't be long before i said "goodbye."

and, anyway, the horns on the track shrug, after the old muscle shoals style, as kurt's beloved turns the corner; in a choked voice equal parts relief & deep sadness, he lets it out : "it's been a lousy day." i can see him crumple in her arms, as i hang down my own head, embraced by nothing but my own two hands. kurt, you're right, it's been a goddamn lousy day.

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