23 June 2006

orange juice - "rip it up" (from the esteemed orange juice lp, out of print.)

"and there was times i'd take my pen and feel obliged to start again."

oh, if only life was as easy to to scrap as a piece of paper and as easy to revise as a text. but songs like "rip it up" make the process a lot easier. sure, music soundtracks the lows--as it so often does 'round here--but it can, if not make you happy & hopeful, then at least make the atmosphere conducive to such feelings.

if the 303, the homage to "boredom," "i hope to God you're not as dumb as you make out," or the sax solo don't make you smile, then there's the video. synching issues aside, i'm always amazed that that voice comes out of edwyn. enjoy your weekend. get happy.

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