14 June 2006

aberfeldy - "hypnotised" (from the hypnotized single, released june 26, available for preorder here.)

i really enjoyed young forever for the first few weeks i owned it. it aged quickly.

i don't know what the shelf life of "hypnotised" will be, but it made me smile and for that it deserves some sort of award. i'm going to say it's a bit like the corrs covering the cars, and i know that's far too precious, but it's better by far than mentioning belle & sebastian. give it a good listen--the breathless backing vox, the spit & polish, the keyb sounds--and tell me it isn't so. (male vocals? it's the guitar fella.)

folks, i'm running out of steam. the bookstore i work at is closing in less than a month; the future is really unsure. service might be interrupted in the near future, is what i'm trying to say. i'm physically & mentally exhausted and i need a plan.

but before i run out of steam, i might run out of track. frequent readers might have noticed a lack of direction in recent posts, when in the recent past so much has been organized around a theme & a person. there's good reason for that, emphasis on the good. the one bright ray through my blinds this week has been the return of my dear friend, x. i hope, though, that i don't presume too much to call her my dear friend; we are working on that. i mention this b/c so many of you had been so supportive & helpful when i was down. i hope you'll hang around as i try to give direction to both this site and to my life.

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lizzy said...

we're here. best of luck. thanks, as always, for the music.