02 September 2005

something for the weekend.

usually this is done at the halfway point, but i try not to do the usual thing here at vain, selfish & lazy, so here's my favorite singles of 2005, at the two-thirds point. still, if you want to be a stickler, pretend you didn't see numbers 18-16, 14, 7 & 5 (but be sure to hear them!) be well, folks.

20 art brut, "emily kane."
19 john legend, "ordinary people."
18 out hud, "it's for you."
17 white stripes, "my doorbell."
16 m.i.a., "bucky done gun."
15 engineers, "forgiveness."
14 roll deep, "the avenue."
13 the others, "lackey."
12 kaiser chiefs, "i predict a riot."
11 rachel stevens, "negotiate with love."
10 amerie, "1 thing."
9 brendan benson, "cold hands warm heart."
8 the game ft. 50, "hate it or love it (g unit remix)."
7 clientele, "since k got over me."
6 faders, "no sleep tonight."
5 franz ferdinand, "do you want to."
4 british sea power, "it ended on an oily stage."
3 maximo park, "apply some pressure."
2 r. kelly, "trapped in the closet (chapters 1-5)."
1 bloc party, "banquet."


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