08 September 2005

as i'm sure you've heard, the new boards of canada album has leaked. like, several times already. but if this latest one isn't actually by them, then whomever these kids are, they've got a bright future ahead of them.

i'll state right here: i'm not posting any of it on here. i already got asked to take down one track this week. but you kids are krafty; i'm sure you'll find a way. let me tell you, though, the tracks to look for.

decidedly not "oscar see through red eye" or even "satellite anthem icarus," which are the two most readily available tracks--really, avoid any of the titles that smack of magnetic poetry. both remind me why, like a big silly, i sold my copy of music has a right to children.

there is, however, a brilliant stretch of music that spans the disc space between those aforementioned songs." "peacock tail," in its minimalism, recalls one of my b.o.c. faves, "happy cycling." nothing really happens, but, my, that which does happen ... whichs leads to "dayvan cowboy," whose approach is antithetical to "peacock tail" and is the busiest b.o.c. production i've yet heard. at 2:06, an early 70's guitar riff (!) kicks in--it all begins to sound like pink floyd, only if syd had hung in there and reined waters in. "a moment of clarity" is a brief, sub-minute palate cleanser, merging into--or rather submerging into a boards of canada underwater adventure. if one will allow me to be fanciful for a moment--b/c sometimes, i think, that's the only way to talk about electronic music--it's like deep sea diving and discovering something even far more resplendent than technicolor marine life at one's side (mermaids? atlantis?), and yet that something, no matter how far one swims, remains beyond one's grasp.

"sherbert head" isn't much cop, really, but i needed to say that was to allow for the above rhetorical flourish.

and, again, if these are fakes, every band out there needs to have an imitator; there needs to be a cottage industry of song fraud.

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