23 September 2005

does anyone else find the conceit behind the commercial for the ipod nano a little disconcerting, particularly given the rise of ipod thefts?

for those who haven't seen it, the commercial involves, essentially, a hand holding the new ipod nano, and another hand that frequently appears from the right side of the screen trying in vain to grab the ipod nano. after repeated attempts, the hand on the left begins to taunt the hand on the right.

robert mcmillan, writing in the the washington post, contends that the ipod is the new air jordans, the ultimate status symbol. if this is so, could one imagine a sneaker commercial w/ a similar concept as the ipod ad? oh, i know, it's playful &c., but it's quite unlike apple not to "get" things--that's microsoft's job, after all. you'd think they'd have learned to be more careful w/ their commercials after that whole eminem thing blew up in their face.

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