14 September 2005

like matthew, so much of what i'm listening to right now, that is right now and not reissued, is hyperpopular and higher profile than i'd like to post. (i would say that the most popular acts i'd post are the new pornographers and the magnetic fields. that is, bands whose popularity is greatest in the areas of the country that were bluest in the last election, which means no killers, interpol, and, i'd argue, arcade fire, all of whose popularity transcends partisan politics.) i can tell you what's good, in a resuscitation of a feature i called songs to download and sing. i've included links to downloads and streams.

boards of canada, "peacock tail" (and "dayvan cowboy" and "'84 pontiac dream.")
franz ferdinand, "walk away" (and "well that was easy," "what you meant" and "this boy.")
goldfrapp, "time out from the world"
david gray, "nos da cariad" (i'm as surprised as you ... )
paul mccartney, "fine line"
pussycat dolls feat. timbaland, "wait a minute"
rolling stones, "rough justice"
sigur rós, "hoppipolla" (just north of my popularity threshold)
kanye west, "gone" (and "celebration," "we major" and "roses.")
robbie williams, "tripping"

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