27 September 2005

i'm feeling defensive about my attention span, what w/ admitting that i have less time for albums and replying to allie's comment about the fiery furnaces by saying i've only listened to "sister ray" once. so, keeping in spirit w/ last night's entry, here is a list of my 10 favorite pop (read: non-jazz, non-classical) songs that run over 10 minutes, all of which i love--well, five of which i (merely) love, three of which i really like, and three of which are essential, and on my shortlist of reasons to be cheerful.

10 loleatta holloway, "hit & run" (11:00)
9 funkadelic, "maggot brain" (10:18)
8 king crimson, "starless" (12:16)
7 bob dylan, "brownsville girl" (11:00)
6 television, "marquee moon" (10:40)
5 parliament, "flashlight" (10:45)
4 fela kuti, "zombie" (12:25)
3 isaac hayes, "by the time i get to phoenix" (18:42)
2 can, "yoo doo right" (20:27)
1 dexys midnight runners, "this is what she's like" (12:23)

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