27 October 2002

robbie williams, "feel." "feel" won't win any new converts; it won't alienate old fans. so then you're left wondering: is it interesting? pearl jam has carved out a career doing this exact same thing: are they interesting? no, says me. are they good? is "feel" good? well, it depends if you like that sound. "feel,"then, is the sound of robbie lifting the british music industry onto his shoulders, and the ensuing strain can be heard in the strings, in robbie's voice, and in the pensive piano. robbie is playing to his strength, a populism that, unlike u2, is direct and, unlike oasis, is made for yer mum. so if this isn't your thing, you won't want to hear it; if you live in the u.k., it seems like you're going to have little choice.

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