15 October 2002

fall sets in and the change of season can be observed in my new mixdisc. as a change, i'm going to make notations about this disc synesthetically.
1. tom petty, "american girl" (from greatest hits comp, orig. 1976)
-red, white, and...yellow! like a red backdrop with splotches of white and yellow.
2. easybeats, "friday on my mind" (from nuggets, vol. 2 box, orig. 1966)
-pulsating red and purple.
3. happy mondays, "dennis & lois" (from pills 'n' thrills 'n' bellyaches lp, 1990)
-coated in yellow, with threads of green.
4. lemon jelly, "space walk" (from mp3, 2002)
-yellow and white swirls to start; the same colors undulate by song's end.
5. louis armstrong, "we have all the time in the world" (from best of james bond comp, orig. 1969)
-very dark, red & purple unfurled like red carpets.
6. pet shop boys, "only the wind" (from behaviour lp, 1990)
-thudding black with delicate purple and amber stabs.
7. r. dean taylor, "there's a ghost in my house" (from mp3, 1965)
-the color of chrome, and just as reflective.
8. primal scream, "movin' on up" (from screamadelica lp, 1991)
-just like the album cover, only formless.
9. faust, "it's a rainy day, sunshine girl" (from so far lp, 1972)
-a blank slate that, after seven minutes, becomes a melange of dull colors.
10. creedence clearwater revival, "born on the bayou" (from chronicle, vol. 2 comp, orig. 1969)
-black with golden strands echoing forth.
11. beck, "round the bend"(from sea change lp, 2002)
-the children's raft ride in the night of the hunter. or, if you've never seen that, a black hole.
12. manic street preachers, "a design for life" (from everything must go lp, 1996)
-a rainy afternoon, seen through a veil of tears.
13. moby, "feeling so real" (from songs: 1993-1998 comp, orig. 1995)
-throbbing reds and purples.
14. ll cool j, "mama said knock you out" (from all world comp, orig. 1990)
-a light yellowish-brown with dust motes floating.
15. mitch ryder, "when you were mine" (from mp3, orig. 1983)
-translucent with red vocal shadings.
16. smiths, "cemetry gates" (from the queen is dead lp, 1986)
-a large pile of november leaves.
17. take that, "back for good" (from mp3, orig. 1995)
-flickering purple-flamed candles in the darkness.
18. richard & linda thompson, "dimming of the day" (from watching the dark comp, orig. 1975)
-the evening sky lined with barren trees. richard's vocals on the bridge light a pale fire.
19. boyz ii men, "please don't go" (from cooleyhighharmony lp, 1991)
-moonlight illuminating a very fine, snow-laced web.

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