15 October 2002

if msnbc is wondering why their ratings are in the shitter -- goodbye, ashleigh banfield! -- it's because 1) not enough norah. and! 2) natalie, natalie, natalie morales is working the graveyard shift. i stumbled across this jersey-educated hottie last night when i was flipping violently between cable news networks looking for more info on the latest sniper-shooting. she stumbled and stammered a lot, as if she wasn't used to having to work on her feet (which may be the case, given the lateness of the hour.) but she looked great doing it.

meanwhile, rupert murdoch's fox news is cock of the walk, but there is not a single beguiling anchor to be found on his station. is this not the man who gave the world page 3? he better heed the failure of msnbc and get some talent on the air.

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