11 October 2002

ever notice how celebrities never endorse tampons? it's a big market, i'd bet. as big as hair color, i would imagine, if not bigger. and it is the feria commercial with natalie imbruglia and beyonce knowles that calls this to mind. if i recall correctly, that commercial has a lot of quick cuts and makes it seem like there are more people in the commercial than just those two. similarly, this tampon commercial i saw last night used these techniques: it was very flashy for a tampons commercial. one shot had five good-looking young women standing together, and each had been featured separately. at this group shot, i stared intently, to the point of squinting, to make out if any of them were famous. i don't think they were.

i certainly can understand the reticence on the part of female stars. i mean, who wants to be associated with menzies? but have the companies tried to reach out? is it just a waste? like the commercial where one sees a hot, active chick shooting the shit, stealing one's heart, until she asserts that she "may have herpes, but it doesn't have [her.]" is natalie imbruglia, at this stage in her career, really above doing tampon ads? perhaps they should give the celebs in the surreal life a call. why, i bet hammer would do it.

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