22 August 2006

(sometimes i'm so happy i feel i can't speak sensibly. one of those moments was earlier this afternoon. my paperwork officially went through; i copied my syllabus; i copied roland barthes's "photography & electoral appeal" for my first class. there was a bounce in my stride & a strong temptation to skip. i got in the car & my ipod, bless his empathic electric heart, offered me up the following : herman's hermits, "i'm into something good" (see earl-jean's version for a wonderful alternative, a production that would be right at home next to "i love how you love me") ; david bowie, "starman"; johnny nash, "i can see clearly now"; the charlatans uk, "the only one i know"; saint etienne, "he's on the phone." & so you see i didn't have to speak--i could sing. the song that best sums up how i feel now is peter bjorn and john's "objects of my affection" (listen) (buy) : and the question is: was i more alive then than i am now? i happily have to disagree. i laugh more often now, i cry more often now, i am more me. of course, that's just part of it, & written it doesn't seem like much--perhaps that's the peril of trying to speak sensibly at such times. but, of course, it's a song & the music sings far more forcibly & expressively.

to think, there are people out there to whom music means nothing or v. little. hm!)


Anonymous said...

(i really like appendices)


fred said...

(ha! although i'm not sure if these are appendices or endnotes.

when i said goodbye, it was goodbye to, among many many things as it turns out, the site as it was, i.e. no more two mp3's a day, no more page-long ruminations on literature & life, esp. as the only reading i'll be doing soon is of freshmen papers--though perhaps you'd enjoy seeing some of their foibles. i would have felt guilty--the catholic in me--having people stop in here daily hoping for either or both.)