15 August 2006

(sorry, jake, but i feel like dancing. this is my favorite song in the world to dance to, this side of anything by james brown. james inspires really intent dancing, especially deliberate dancing; this, though, this is pure joy & delight in one's ability to move. i don't know if i can dance, if only b/c i don't know how people dance nowadays; i hear diddy is bringing dancing back so until i see the results, i'll hold judgement. i can move, most assuredly, & no other song can get me to move so. i think that'll be the moment when i realize that i've aged, when i can't move like i do now w/o pain & accident. poor fred astaire, how sad the day must've been when he understood that he could no longer leap into the air & land ably. let us not think of it or any other potentially sad thing; let us all dance this evening even if no one can see. )

(& when we're done, let's buy this cd.)

(i know what i said. don't get used to this. tonight, well, i don't know why, but i felt like dancing ... & since i've got a lifetime lease on this here hall, i thought i'd play dj. repeat : this is a one-off, this is a one-off. go back to eulogizing & visiting the consistently--& constant--fine sites on the sidebar.)

(shouldn't you be dancing?)

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