01 August 2006

while we're mining 90s uk obscurities, here's
brian - "you don't want a boyfriend" (from the understand lp, out of print.)

brian ended up at setanta, home to the divine comedy & edwyn collins, when his heart really sounds as if it's w/ sarah--if only the craftmanship & fidelity of his records weren't on such a high level & his lyrics too lacking in bitterness & self-pity.

the more you give yourself away to someone, the less they think of you.

a line that cuts right through to the heart of the matter & vice versa. unlike wah!, brian suggests that there's something to damming up all tributaries that lead to the heart; that a heart that's closed for business might be open to other opportunities.

& maybe, maybe you hurting me wasn't a bad thing, wasn't a bad thing.

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