13 April 2006

scott walker - "cue" (from the drift lp, released may 9, available for preorder here.)

shhh. you didn't see this.

this isn't music. i don't know what this is. maybe a 1930's radio melodrama, but that might make you think "nostalgia" and "simpler times." no. imagine being nine years-old and hearing this in 1939. this is frightening stuff, esp. when--oh, i won't tell you.

it makes "the electrician" seem quaint and south american torture like getting off easy. no, this isn't nostalgia or from simpler times; this isn't from the 1930's : this is current day. & this is the work of the good guys. be v. afraid.

i should have put this first, b/c that's where it ranks in my thoughts, but i thought it'd have a greater effect if placed last. so: thank you v. much, all of you.


Anonymous said...

Is that all there is?

Laura said...

I can't even stop listening to it. It's throwing me into this deep, black abyss and it's terrifying...what an exit.

Although I do hope this is not the last we'll hear from you. You're a great writer and this blog is so under appreciated it hurts.