18 April 2006

as many of you had known, i'd lost the will to keep vain, selfish & lazy going for myself. for much of its recent history, it was a thinly-veiled dedication to one incalculably important & special person. that person is gone; so is this site.

thank you all so much for your patronage.


lizzy said...

I'm sorry to hear it - your site was always well written and had excellent musical picks. Best wishes, and I hope sometime you feel like starting up again.

jonas said...

Sorry for your loss. This was one of the best, but I trust you to put your excellent writing and musical fingerspitzgefuhl to new levels in a new form. I'll keep my eyes open.

jon manyjars said...

I too am sorry to see you go, and hope you will apply your writing talent and your passion for music to another venture in the future.