09 April 2006

hello all,

i need a vacation from my vacation. to tell the truth, i am spent in just about every way imaginable. thinking of a song to post tomorrow strikes me as not being unlike a chore. i am taking more time away.

some of you who know my history may have an idea of where all of this is heading. i cannot say for sure right now whether i'll be closing up shop again or not. i know that throughout this run, i've felt incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about what i was doing here. even recently it's become work and i thought time away would solve that.

it hasn't. for reasons unrelated to blogging or music, i'm even less committed to this undertaking. (for those concerned, i'm not okay, but i will be.) but i don't want this to sound too much like a goodbye : there will be time for it, if necessary.

i will be back--unless i'm not. you will hear from me one way or the other. i don't say it often enough but thank you for your continued visits and interest.


Anonymous said...

hope this is not the end of this blog, it is one of the very best that i have come across, and without a doubt the most overlooked. cheers.

Richard said...

I quite liked your blog, Mr. Solinger. I will most certainly be saddened if the vacation cum hiatus proves permanent.

jon manyjars said...

Good luck and good health, Fred.

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed reading your comments, and hearing your music. I hope that you will continue, because your efforts are definitely appreciated. Here's to a good hiatus, man.