18 April 2006

adem - "these lights are meaningful" (from the love and other planets lp, released april 24, import available for preorder here.)

"it's hard to explain to, so hard to explain, how i'm so sure ... "

adem might be singing about the stars in the sky; happily, he's not so, ahem, blunt.

it doesn't matter, really, he could be singing a/b any of the little things that happen in our lives--or, rather, when many little things in our lives come together and seem to be pointing a way toward something, lighting the way to a destination we stumbled across in the dark by ourselves, giving us the opportunity to look around and see all of the signs, enabling us to believe there was some reason.

right now, i feel as if i see significance in all things; and when i hear something that has significance, well, that's become the imperative for my posting. "these lights are meaningful" is a beautiful song; it's also unlike anything off of homesongs, in that it seems like it could be, well, a significant hit w/ the right support. in its drive and the immensity of its chorus, it sounds like coldplay reclaiming their dignity. in the v. way it twinkles and sighs, it's like the glimmer in your beloved's eye, a light that might be mere biology but, in your heart, you can't feel as if doesn't say anything less than everything.

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