22 August 2005

today, i've set up a new blog for the below-mentioned news project, which will now be called breaking news. not sure of a target date yet, but, basically, when all of the hosts are back from vacation. what is set, though, is a program, seventeen hours of opinion and commentary ... and i'm sure i'll have a thing or two to say as well.
11am. springer on the radio. (wlib)
12pm. the rush limbaugh show. (wabc)
1pm. day side w/ linda vester. (fox)
2pm. the al franken show. (wlib)
3pm. the sean hannity show. (wabc)
4pm. all things considered. (wnyc)
5pm. the randi rhodes show. (wlib)
6pm. the savage nation w/ michael savage. (wor)
7pm. the newshour w/ jim lehrer. (wnet)
8pm. the o'reilly factor. (fox)
9pm. the majority report w/ janeane garofalo & sam seder. (wlib)
10pm. scarborough country. (msnbc)
11pm. the situation w/ tucker carlson. (msnbc)
11:35pm. nightline w/ ted koppel. (abc)
12am. countdown w/ keith olbermann. (msnbc)
1am. the daily show w/ jon stewart. (comedy central)
2am. hannity & colmes. (fox)
3am. hardball w/ chris matthews. (msnbc)

you may be thinking to yourself, "hm, 'the daily show' is only a half-hour long ... what will he be doing from 1:30 to 2?" oh, i don't know, eating? getting a glass of water? stretching my legs?

orwell feared that "the very concept of objective truth" was disappearing from the world. mediamatters.org (run by former conservative david brock) and the media research center operate on different sides of the ideological fence, pointing out where the other side is spreading inaccuracy. today, appearing on both of their front pages is msnbc's 'countdown' having named rush limbaugh today's "worst person in the world" (the mrc's brent bozell was named second worst on that particular day).

the mediamatters account.

the mrc's account.

now, go make up your own mind. and don't make me have to make it up for you!

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