26 August 2005

the sapient folks over at merge records have made available for download the new single by the clientele, "since k got over me".

the clientele have always been one of those bands that i want to like more, that i wish would try to woo me a little harder. a chill wind seems to blow through most of their records, but a stiff wind would scatter their song structure like gossamer--i need something stronger to latch on to. happily, "since k got over me" offers just that. in my hitherto-favorite clientele song, "as night is falling," alisdair plies himself, but it sounds like a last gasp, rage against the dying of the light. in "since k got over me," though, he's just dying to express some rage: "THERE'S. A HOLE. IN. SIDE. MY. SKULL. W/. WARM. AIR. BLOWIN'. IN." what's more, the song structure, heretofore a sort-of quicksand for lyrics and melody, provides a buttress for the words; it's still vaguely-byrdsy, but there's a nod to "then he kissed me" and drums insistent as the beat alisdair pounds out in the bridge.

i'm so glad to hear these developments b/c i just love to love bands who:
1. conceal album or song titles w/in a seemingly cast-off line.
2. have a mythology.

just who is this "k"? an abbreviation? an enigma? the head of k branch? and if this song is about "k," then just who is julia? it's like a supermarket tabloid, and i love it all the more for that. it's the sort of thing that now has me eagerly anticipating--listen for it--strange geometry.

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