10 August 2005

oh, but before i get to that.

i've been thinking a lot about politics lately; i have a degree in political science, but i've never done anything w/ it. UNTIL NOW.

inspired by michael's 'pornography of semiotics,' i'm giving serious thought to blogging a twenty-four hour news cycle, a mixture of talk radio and cable news. i don't know when, exactly, but soon, possibly. when i come up w/ a schedule, i'll post it here. ideally, i'd get at least an hour of all of the major programs--actually, now that i give it a little more thought, i might only make it 12 hours, from 12pm, when limbaugh starts, to 12am, when 'the situation' w/ tucker carlson ends: both cable and talk radio are late risers and early sleepers, it would seem.

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