29 August 2005

my morning jacket - "wordless chorus" (from the z lp, available for pre-order here.)

oh, i know i promised no familiar formulations, but i can't resist just one. it is a truth universally acknowledged that
prince + junior boys = my morning jacket
it's quite possible that i haven't been keeping up w/ the boys from louisville, to whom i only usually turn when i want some good old-fashioned, kentucky back porch, twilit nostalgia. "wordless chorus," though, is less at dawn than it is "dawn chorus" by boards of canada. indeed, so much so that my first instinct is that it's as fake as the numerous copies of campfire headphase that are making the p2p rounds. one thing that's unmistakable, though, is the voice of jim james--that is, until the last minute of the song when he emits falsetto shrieks of a kind not heard since prince was . he sings, "we are the innovators; they are the imitators."

that sound you're hearing? the sound of one hand clapping. ladies and gentlemen, your moment of zen.

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