21 April 2004

some might disagree, but apparently blogger thinks i'm "active" enough to qualify for a free g-mail account: take advantage of it, if you haven't already.

as for actually making myself active, here's a new songs to download & sing, or: the "mix tape" playlist on my ipod. i suppose i can talk about the ipod eventually; later, i'll continue the prince comments; and i also eventually want to write about bobby darin & dion at length. semester ends in two weeks, but until then...
fiery furnaces, "chris michaels"
joy zipper, "baby you should know"
prince, "on the couch"
the vines, "winning days"
adem, "these are your friends"
pixies, "debaser" (live, 04.13.04)
the roots, "don't say nuthin'"
tv on the radio, "the wrong way"
ghostface, "save me dear"
sufjan stevens, "in the devil's territory"

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