08 April 2004

5. she spoke 2 me (from girl 6 ost, 1996, first attempted in 1992)
okay, this is potentially a cheat. "she spoke 2 me" was first tried out for the symbol album (so, at the very least, there's some association.) as far as i know, this take, which first appeared on the girl 6 soundtrack, was recorded in 1996.

i could be wrong; i may be going with this story because it's convenient to me. (actually, i didn't even know it was recorded in 1992 until i assembled this compilation.) true, it would've fit in well on the symbol album, which had a jazzy atmosphere that extended from the (lesser) diamonds & pearls. this is the perfect example of the sort of song he could once write in his sleep -- a sinuous melody, a skillful pre-chorus, a breathless middle 8 -- put simply, it exudes confidence.

yes, would've sounded good following "love 2 the 9's" or leading in to "damn u." but i like it better here. my story and i'm sticking to it.

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