07 April 2004

3. in this bed i scream (from emancipation lp (disc 1), 1996)
when i conceived of this project, i thought i had made a mistake in trying to limit it to a disc -- after all, this period includes both the gold experience and emancipation. what surprises me now is how little of emancipation is indispensible and how much of it has been tainted by events that have transpired since (the death of his child casts a pallor on "sex in the summer" and "let's have a baby"; his divorce from gives the lie to both "friend, lover, sister, mother, wife" and "saviour.")

"in this bed i scream" was just about the last song on the album i took to. peculiar that, since it bears so many of the hallmarks of his best 80s work -- discordant guitar, complex drum programming, wonderful synth tones. logically enough, then, it's an appeal to wendy & lisa. and even the fact that that reunion (and the planned roadhouse garden album) fell through is not enough, thankfully, to spoil "itbis."

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