13 April 2004

oh, while i'm talking about prince, a friend of mine, and former prince obsessive like myself, was, contemporaneously, working on his own compilation, in light of musicology. for a second opinion, i list his version:

01 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
02 Letitgo
03 Space
04 I Hate U
05 Gold
06 Dinner With Delores
07 Betcha By Golly Wow
08 Somebody's Somebody
09 The Holy River
10 Welcome 2 The Dawn
11 The One
12 Come On
13 The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
14 Man O' War
15 U Make My Sun Shine
16 The Daisy Chain
17 The Work
18 She Loves Me 4 Me
19 A Case Of U
20 Musicology
21 A Million Days

so he and i only agree on four tracks. again, perhaps more proof that this is a very rich period.

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