13 September 2002

on the way home today, i was listening to power 105. an ad came on: first, a young man comes on saying how he'd bought the new nas album on 125th & st. nick (i think). i thought he was going to tell the listeners how tight it was, but in fact he said that he got SCAMMED. then a young woman comes on and says how she downloaded all of these songs because she was going to burn an album to disc for her friend, but she had so many songs on the computer that it apparently broke and her mom was MAD. finally, a girl came on who sounded as if she were at wit's end. her friend burned her the new nore album, BUT it didn't come with the album cover (i guess her friend is a novice or just inconsiderate). the cover was the BEST PART because it has this 'hot-ass shot of nore' on the cover that she would've put above her bed. if you haven't learned the lesson yet, piracy is wrong and the message was brought to you by def jam.

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