26 September 2002

"it's a spectacular piece of music...probably one of the most important pieces of music to be released in years."

"it's an extremely powerful song..."

"a potential hit of extraordinary artistic and commercial value..."

"the first time you hear it, you'll never forget it..."

as you probably know by now, nirvana's "you know you're right," the last song ever recorded by kurt cobain, has been leaked onto the internet. the hype for this thing has been immense, reducing some to glossolalia. i was expecting the holy grail: kurt c. was supposed to, from beyond the grave, show us the error of our ways since his passing and point us to the one true path. now, i'm not totally unsympathetic to nirvana: i've never considered myself a fan, but i like "aneurysm" and "heart-shaped box" like most good people. all of this is to say that i think i'm fairly objective. so after five or so listenings i'm left thinking, "is that all there is?" what i hear is nirvana. with a steel drum coda.

to its credit, it'd fit in perfectly on modern rock radio -- i always assumed vedder was the big vocal influence, but in his lower register, cobain sounds a lot like the guy from puddle of mudd. unfortunately, i think this says more about how little modern rock has advanced since '94 than it does about how far ahead of their time nirvana were.

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