24 September 2002

here are the contents of my latest mix disc. some of them, i've already mentioned briefly below; others, i may get around to talking about at length. we'll see. for now:
1. the vines, "outtatheway!" (from highly evolved lp, 2002)
-i'm a sucker for that "dance to the music"/"rocks"/"set the controls for the heart of the pelvis" beat.
2. little richard, "ready teddy" (from the georgia peach compilation, orig. 1956)
3. outkast, "b.o.b." (from stankonia lp, 2000)
-timely. but that always seems to be the case.
4. soundtrack of our lives, "sister surround" (from behind the music lp, 2002)
5. bruce springsteen & the e street band, "empty sky" (from the rising lp, 2002)
-i'm particularly proud of the seguing from here to track 8.
6. coldplay, "clocks" (from a rush of blood to the head lp, 2002)
7. joni mitchell, "amelia" (from hejira lp, 1976)
-$7.99 tower sale! also yielded court & spark and more songs about buildings & food.
8. saint etienne, "mario's cafe" (from so tough lp, 1993)
-i wish new york city had its own saint etienne, someone to scrape past the grittiness and into the beauty.
9. divine comedy, "tonight we fly" (from secret history: the best of... comp, orig. 1994)
10. andrew w.k., "we want fun" (from awkgoj ep, 2000)
-awk fans take note: "we want fun" has be re-recorded with rick rubin and will serve as the first single from the jackass soundtrack. hmmmm.
11. queens of the stone age, "do it again" (from songs for the deaf lp, 2002)
12. pj harvey, "send his love to me" (from to bring you my love lp, 1995)
13. rolling stones, "winter" (from goats head soup lp, 1973)
14. richard ashcroft, "nature is the law" (from human conditions lp, 2002)
15. judy collins, "both sides, now" (from the very best of... comp, orig. 1971)
16. sleeper, "what do i do now?" (from, to be honest, mp3, orig. 1995)
-sleeper records are hard to come by esp. in this post-post-brit-pop world, and i'm not sure i'd want to buy one in the first place.
17. ryan adams, "come pick me up" (from heartbreaker lp, 2000)
18. beck, "lonesome tears" (from sea change lp, 2002)
-i hadn't even listened to the whole of this song; just the first 15 seconds or so. but that was enough.
19. morrissey, "speedway" (from vauxhall & i lp, 1994)
-"i've always been true to you, in my own strange way..."

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